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Education Week: Is 2011 Milton Friedman’s Year of School Choice?

Friedman noted that education had been stuck in a 19th-century model for decades, producing results that hadn’t kept up with our fast-paced world. That’s why he offered his vision of privatizing a portion of the educational establishment with school choice, to provide a variety of learning opportunities for students and to offer competition to public […]

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Any Standardised Test is Inauthentic?

‘Any standardised test is inauthentic and that you do not need to test in order to assess’…Provocative, ain’t it? Before you read on, let me say that this post, like some [not all] of the other posts on this blog, is an attempt to provide the readers of this blog with a range of opinions […]

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A Question about the Class Divide and its Exploitation? | Slavoj Žižek |

Slavoj Zizek again!  Please do not think that I belong to the fan club of a particular philosopher, in this case Zizek.  I, am, however, tracking Zizek’s articles, since he, for one, is usually saying and doing something unexpected and subversive.  In the article that I refer below, he uses NYT reporting of the 2009 […]

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