Public Domain?

David Marquand on public domain:

Public domain is both priceless and precarious—a gift of the history, which is always at risk.  It can take shape only in a society in which the notion of a public interest, distinct from private interests, has taken root; and, historically speaking, such societies are rare breeds. Its values and practices also do not come naturally, and have to be learned.  Where the private domain of love, friendship and personal connection and the market domain of bying and selling are the products of nature, the public domain depends on careful and continuing nurture. (Marquand, D. (2004). Decline of the public. Cambridge. Polity Press. P.2)



About Irfan

I am an independent researcher and blogger interested in everything under the sun, but more so in the philosophy and history of education and education reform generally, and specifically in the so-called post colonial contexts


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