Archive | 17/02/2012

کیا پاکستان میں یکساں نظام تعلیم ممکن ھے؟

 ووٹ دیجیے اوریہ ضرور بتایے کہ آپ نے ھاں یا نھیں کیوں کہا ـ آپ کے وقت اور خیالات کا شکریہ

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The need for a multidisciplinary perspective in policy debates

I read this piece titled “The Materialist Fallacy” by David Brooks today in the NYT.  David worries about the ways in which mainstream policy debates on social disruption in America have excluded a multidisciplinary perspective. As he puts it: The recent research details how disruption breeds disruption…thousands of studies on attachment theory…show that children who can’t […]

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