Archive | 29/02/2012

Enemy of the people

Just saw a film by Satyajit Ray based on Henrik Ibsen’s 1882 play “Enemy of the People”. The script of this film is set in small town India. The central character in the plot is a doctor, Asok Gupta, who has found a simple ‘truth’ about the existence of disease causing bacteria in the water […]

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‘Techno’ and ‘political’ spaces…

Words stick together differently in different contexts by means of an unseen glue, with same words often producing different meanings and different effects.  One teacher of rhetoric, Kenneth Burke, said this about about a word we hear most frequently, ‘yes’.  He wrote: “Let us suppose that I ask you: “What did the man say?” And […]

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Devlin’s Angle: The First Arithmetic Textbook in the Western World

Liber abbaci, completed in 1202, was the first comprehensive description of modern arithmetic (using the Hindu-Arabic numerals, decimal place-value representations of numbers, and the basic arithmetic algorithms we all learn in school) in the western world. via Devlin’s Angle: The First Arithmetic Textbook in the Western World.

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