Another child suicide in two days

ARY just reporting another child from grade-6, Karachi (Paposhnagar) committed suicide.

Read the previous post on this subject here.


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I am an independent researcher and blogger interested in everything under the sun, but more so in the philosophy and history of education and education reform generally, and specifically in the so-called post colonial contexts

3 Responses to “Another child suicide in two days”

  1. I fail to accept that children, who are not yet teens, can kill themselves. Do children have that courage of tying their necks with a rope or something and get hanged? Unbelievable!! The other source they might have adopted it by eating poisonous pills. This, too, is very hard. Children usually cannot swallow pills until they reach at puberty. I feel one must not stay blind on just news reports. Is there not a chance that these children were killed and were portrayed as they had committed suicides? Such incidents are common when father or mother killed his or her children due to poverty or some other factors. But can these school related issues, which millions of children face every day, cause such an extreme act? Has someone tried to investigate that it is really a suicide and not a murder.
    I agree that current state of schooling causes depression, anxiety and hopelessness but usually occurs in teenager. Young children do not have capacity to that extent.

    • Saima, thanks. While you make sense, I was looking at numbers around the world and find instances, though certainly fewer, of suicide between ages 11 and 15. But certainly, the possibility of homicides should not be ruled out in investigations.

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