People around the planet are praying for her to open her bright eyes, look around, and speak her fearless mind out again. But for now her eyes remain closed as she breathes from a ventilator, silently.

But is she? Most politicians can only dream of such power as she wields without even a twitch of a muscle.  As for her executioners, she has delivered them a fatal blow, from which they won’t recover.

Her silence is just as eloquent as her speech.  Her power does not need drones for its expression. She wins hands down from the plotters of her murder!!!



About Irfan

I am an independent researcher and blogger interested in everything under the sun, but more so in the philosophy and history of education and education reform generally, and specifically in the so-called post colonial contexts

3 Responses to “Power…”

  1. Baela Raza Jamil Reply 12/10/2012 at 9:36 pm

    well put and inspiring .. as we ALL PRAY for her to live a 100 years and touch the lives of billions on this planet .. she has already done that !


  2. What do you think, Who were the plotters of her murder?

  3. Was that not a Just Question?

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