This blog is a public space, whose purpose is to invite folks [including the academics and scholars] interested in a broad range of issues–political, social, economical, cultural, educational, or any other.  The space is not made available to publish mere opinions about myriad problems our planet faces.  Rather, it is to critique, challenge, and raise questions about existing opinions/ideas/solutions.  The idea is not to denigrate or disparage the work of those who seek to propose positive solutions for reforms.  On the contrary, this blog assumes questioning, critiquing, and challenging as a good in itself and also as a much needed contribution to the existing ideas.  What good is a theory if it is not open to questioning and refinement.  In this space, you can critique an existing idea, reform proposal, or a policy, or you can also raise fresh questions that you think need further scrutiny, refinement, and investigation.  This blog is all about good questions!

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  1. Wonderful…. I like this blog and found it extremely useful to stay educated and informed. I hope, I will stand to learn more from the critics and contributions in this space…

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