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One Million Signatures Campaign…دس لاکھ دستخط کیلئے مہم

I am posting this message as a friend of Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA), which has recently started a campaign to collect one Million Signatures on a message to the government of Pakistan and Pakistani politicians urging them to take practical steps to ensure provision of educational services as a ‘basic right’ for all children aged 5-16.  Follow […]

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Education Vouchers…Hither and Thither?

The decision by a Colorado District court which recently blocked the voucher program in the district is one example of public domain in action. It needs a strong sense of public interest grounded in the constitution and a general consensus on what constitutes public good to provide a constructive check on the encroachment of public […]

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Civil Society?

The reference to civil society has become so ubiquitous in the developing countries.  What does it refer to? Take the example of Pakistan.  Here, one often hears of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), which perhaps has the effect of isolating only certain kinds of non governmental organisations and referring to them as the civil society. When […]

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