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Egyptian Revolution, Muslim Brotherhood, and Empty Signifiers…

The Egyptian uprising has brought together differences within the Egyptian society overrunning them by an overwhelmingly unifying rhetoric.  Tahrir square has become an unmistakable symbol of this integration. In its statement today, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) minced no words in emphasizing that it was part of a national movement for all Egyptian people. The statement was […]

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Slavoj Zizek and Tariq Ramadan on Aljazeera

By presenting left as the only viable alternative to a polar choice between ‘Western liberalism’ and the so-called “Islamic Extremism,” isn’t Zizek foreclosing all other ways of thinking about change in both the so-called Western and Islamic worlds? Isn’t the language being used continues to be a captive of the terms such as ‘liberalism, fundamentalism, and […]

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Egypt, Foreign Aid, and Pakistan

The recent uprising in Egypt has raised all kinds of questions about the relationship between the Western and middle-eastern governments and populations.  Among several others, the question of handling of aid from bi-lateral aid agencies such as USAID, DFID, and others has also come under scrutiny.  David Rieff, the analyst at TNR, was rather ruthless […]

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