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Education as a Political Issue? (2)

This post continues the conversation started in a previous post on the topic of education as a political issue. In the last post, I had referred to Jean Drèze and Amartya Sen who lamented the absence of education from the political domain–or let us say the public domain. This post is about the rhetoric of […]

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Education as a Political Issue? (1)

The apathy of the Pakistani political elite [and public] toward education is increasingly coming under scrutiny.  A few posts on this blog have also commented on this issue. (See, for example, Enlightened Self Interest).  This post extends this conversation with reference to the work of Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen. Dreze and Sen, in their book  […]

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Chipping Away of the Secular Order [2]?

My thinking out loud in response to a perceptive comment to the last post became long enough to count as a post itself, so here it is. In response to my last post, my friend Nadeem wrote: In the western history, a secular order of knowledge had been created over the centuries, pushing the religious […]

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