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Why are children committing suicide?

Two children have committed suicide in two different cities of Pakistan within the last two months. They were very young, not even in their teens yet.  All reports suggest that these children were led to such despair as to take their own life due to pressures within the schools. This is not just sad. It […]

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The ATS and APS?

Why do I feel that there is strong similarity between the low cost or Affordable Transport Services (ATS) and the so-called Affordable Private Schools (APS)? Let us take a look at the ATS.  In Pakistan, there are also several not so AT services, such as the Daewoo Bus Service (DBS) and other similar services. DBS […]

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Happiness, Choice, and Low Cost Schools

About the private schools in the developing countries–especially the so-called Affordable Private Schools (APSs) or the Low Fees Private Schools (LFPS), as they are sometimes called–it is now repeatedly claimed that  consumers of educational services are ‘happy’ with this breed of schools.  They are happy with them because they seem to be high on their order […]

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