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Teacher Tenure, other Debates, and Travelling Reforms

There is no question that ‘Teacher Tenure’ is becoming a hot political issue in the United States, and one which is worth following to develop some insights about the workings of political economy of education in the US.  In the 1990s, various factions in the U.S. were engaged in heated arguments over curriculum and standards.  There were […]

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Diane Ravitch on improving Higher Education in Pakistan

American historian of education, and now NYU professor, was called upon to make a comment on higher education in Pakistan in 2005.  The comment is just as relevant today as it was when made. Her complete article is given at http://dianeravitch.com/improvingstandards.html Below, I quote from her main observations/conclusions: The educational system of a nation is […]

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A Question about the attitudes of Indian Muslim elite toward mass education and their conequences

One of my friends gave following as the reason for the abysmal failure of the state in Pakistan to put in place a functional system of public education: leadership is at the heart of the failure in education. Implication: good and smart leadership can resolve the problems.” Elaborating on this further in his note to […]

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