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Reflections on Zizek, continuing…

In my previous post, I attached the You Tube video of a recent conversation between Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Zizek, Democracy Now’s Amy Gutman, and Julian Assange. In this, Zizek can be seen talking about the work of Julian Assange with his usual and uniquely provocative demeanour: You are a terrorist in the way that Gandhi […]

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A life in writing: Slavoj Žižek | Culture | The Guardian

Don’t know why, but I loved this line from Zizek in this recent interview for guardian. Let’s speak frankly, no bullshit, most of the left hates me even though I am supposed to be one of the world’s leading communist intellectuals. via A life in writing: Slavoj Žižek | Culture | The Guardian. Also, [speaking to […]

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